Marriage Counseling

Pastor: Jesse Bowling

Hebrews 13:4 says marriage is to be honored among all and the marriage bed must be kept pure. Here at The River, we know what a huge importance marriage has in the family unit, the church and the world and we know that satan is regularly attacking the marriage union. We know and in some cases have experienced the struggles of marriage in areas of finances, sexual temptation, hurt, disagreements, and differences in values and beliefs and we are confident that God has given us the tools and the power to restore our marriages to better than ever.

Even while seeking the Lord, studying His Word, and praying, sometimes we need someone with skin on them to help us find solutions. Jesse Bowling, one of our pastors, has a special passion for counseling and has earned a Masters degree in Ministry with a focus in Biblical Counseling. Our other two pastors, Tyler and Micah, also have much experience in marriage, following Jesus and how to biblically and practically find solutions to issues that can arise between a husband and wife.  Any of our three pastors, along with their wives, would be happy to meet up with you and pray, search God's Word and develop a plan of action to resolve any marriage struggles you're facing. 

There's an old saying that goes, "Do you know why people don't get marriage counseling? Cause they don't want anyone to know they've got marriage problems. But I've got news for you... if you're married, you've got problems." We all struggle. Email to schedule a counseling session today and be one step closer to healing your marriage. 

Due to the generous giving and tithes from our members, we can provide these services free of charge. If you're not already a part of our church and are able to make a donation, we would encourage you to do that at your discretion, but it is not required to receive counseling.